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                                                   Animal Oil Portraits Price Guide

This Price guide line is for oil paintings unframed on either linen or canvas.
The following estimates are based on a single figure with the artist's choice of a simple background.

                                     SIZE                                                              ESTIMATED PRICE

                        8" x 10"                                                                 $500
                            11" x 14"                                                                 $750
                            14" x 18"                                                                 $850
                            16" x 20"                                                                 $1000 and up

                             20" x  24"                                                               $1500 and up

                             22" x 28"                                                                $2000 and up

                             30" x 36" and over                                                 $3000 and up

There is an additional charge for extra figures and detailed backgrounds ie., landscapes, furniture, etc.

If you live in the Salt Lake City/Park City/St. George  areas,  at least one visit by the artist is necessary in order to photograph your animal, which is included in the cost of the portrait.  A fee of $100 will be charged for each additional visit.

If you live in other states or overseas and wish to have Sally visit, there is a charge of $400 per diem plus travel expenses. Personal visits with the subject is ideal, however, in some cases clients may choose to have Sally work from their own high resolution photos.

Please contact Sally to discuss the procedures, sizes, prices, terms of commissioned paintings, and estimated delivery time.