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studio, oil paintings of people and pets

About Sally Castleman...

Art has been my life long passion. After receiving a BA from the University of Maryland, I focused on painting landscapes, under the direction of Thomas McNickle, a renowned landscape painter.

An article in the Smithsonian Magazine about the internationally acclaimed artist Thomas Buechner, now deceased, caught my attention. Beuchner's stunning Portraits and Still Life, his approach and attitude towards painting, inspired me. Consequently, I attended his summer work shops for three consecutive years, and expanded my repertoire of paintings. I began receiving requests, commissions for Portraits and Still Life.

Along the art journey,  many painters discover what they truly love to paint. This happened to me when I began painting animals. I made the decision to concentrate primarily on Animal Portraits and Paintings. My aim is to capture the essence of the animal through the eyes, expression, and unique stance. I paint with oils on either canvas or linen. My commissioned work includes rescued animals that are now the beloved companions in homes throughout the country. I support several local and national Rescue Leagues, therefore, ten percent from the sales of commissioned animal paintings is donated either to FOAU (Friends of Animals Utah), WARL (The Washington, D.C. Animal Rescue League), Canines With a Cause, or to a Rescue League of your choice.
Animal portrais, pugs
Drawing of Szumo, Szujo, Szaki 39x42 (oil on linen)
animal portraits, pugs
Szumo, Szujo, Szaki 39x42 (oil on linen)